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Business Case for the Guidebook

The Beijing Improbable Guidebook is the first modern foreign-language guidebook designed for the tourist or first-time visitor to Beijing that is produced in China and able to be widely distributed in Beijing (beyong foreign language bookshops).

Our advantages

We are solving the difficulties encountered by foreign tourists:
  • Verbal communication barrier and Chinese-style English on signage
  • Few official tourist information centers to support independent travellers
  • Domestic group travel is directed towards tourist traps and shopping destinations
  • Beijing is too big and complex to be detailed in a single sheet map
  • Foreign tourists should not be expected to know all about China's historical background

We can provide a better travel experience

  • we recommend the most straightforward route and the efficient metro subway
  • we break down the attractions of Beijing into precincts, making every visit time efficient.
  • our book is light attractive, pocket size and easy to carry
  • Sinomaps has direct access to official and accurate cartographic information
  • unlike the heavily-detailed and opinionated travel guide books written overseas, we are more focused on efficiency and rapid knowledge
  • unlike the domestic guidebooks in Chinese, we understand the real needs of foreign tourists
  • unlike travel and expatriate magazines, we provide comprehensive and clear planning for all types of excursions

Evaluations from Customers

The book is so clear and easy to understand. Explains some Chinese culture very positively. Makes people want to read more
                                        ——Evelyn, China
BJ Subway chapter is super informative! Good size. Map indicators are great. Overall layout is good. Very easy to read. Good introductions to each section.
                                        ——Kendra, USA
Great transport information. I like the layout. It looks attractive
                                        ——Carmen, USA
Layout seems logical. Easy to find what you’re looking for. I like how the nearby subway stations are clearly listed.
                                        ——Jeff, USA

Our market

The big numbers you need to know from the Beijing Tourism Development Committee:


In 2013, inbound tourists were in Beijing for an average 4.22 days


Inbound tourists spent 1,590 yuan per day on average


Beijing received over 4.5 million inbound tourists that speak English in 2013


Our estimates are calculated on 10% of the enormous market demand


We want not only so that visitors can enjoy some travel freedom in a short trip, but for our sponsors to understand and get to know new friends. We want visitors to love Beijing and its people. They'll be our ambassadors across the world, saying excitedly "Beijing is an amazing city!"

Where to find the Guidebook

Our annual print run is 100,000 copies, starting in July 2014. They will never be far away from a tourist in need of the best advice. Our distribution network is:
  • Major Xinhua Bookstores
  • Airport shops
  • Beijing Foreign Languages ​​Bookstore each branch
  • Convenience stores
  • Beijing Subway Passenger Service Centres
  • Beijing five and four star hotels and hostel
  • Dangdang
  • Amazon.Com bookselling network (domestic and foreign)
  • Sinomaps online bookstore
  • Sinomaps Publishing International Mapping Partners
  • Beijing postal kiosks

Contact Us

Sponsorship Manager
      Phone 135-2168-9428


Sample Pages

Tiananmen Square

New Summer Palace

Beijing Zoo


The Subway System

Easy Chinese

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