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About the Beijing Guidebook

Beijing is the gateway to the Chinese world and this guidebook is your passport. Our local experience will quickly and confidently get you moving, so your first days or weeks count in this rapidly changing capital.

Here you’ll get your bearings for the all the iconic sites and attractions, but also for exploring nearby markets and hutongs (alleys). We’ll even take you into the countryside and beyond.

This guide also gives you entry into Beijing’s efficient and reliable subway network. You’ll save not just time and money, but help the environment.

Whether you use our suggested itineraries or beat your own path around town, we wish you an amazing and safe visit to China. If you’ll love this city almost as much as we do, we’re sure you’ll want to visit us Beijingers again and again.


Sample Pages

Tiananmen Square

New Summer Palace

Beijing Zoo


The Subway System

Easy Chinese

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